Why Fravel

Fravel is the world’s cutest luggage! Why do we spend so much time looking for functionalities when choosing a travel bag? For us girls, can’t it just be simple, cute and really cute? When you walk with Fravel, it feels like your pet is following you to an adventure, like a fantasy. Going out should be more about feeling than what you can do. That’s why for us at Fravel, we want to make something that can reach into our heart, and something filled with life, love and soul. Isn’t she adorable?

ears that move

Bet you haven’t had a suitcase with ears. And, they move as you pet her head or walk with her. Look at these big, squishy, and jelly-like ears : )

coolest handle

How to make the world’s best-looking handle? Well, when it looks like it’s not there. We choose the most transparent and sturdy material possible so you can walk in style.


a heart beating

 for you

To your Fravel, you mean the whole world to her. To express that, her heart beats faster and faster as you take her outside for an adventure.

little paws

An adorable pet is not complete until you see her little paws. We made the 360°wheels transparent so that from a distant your Fravel looks like she’s standing on her paws.

full waterproof

movable ears

Your Fravel’s ears start to move as soon as you start to pet her head or walk with her. We aim to bring you the most natural interactive response without the need to flick a switch.

Who said we we can’t have fun in the rain. Fravel loves rain and sunshine equally.


invisible Zipper

Fravel came with tactile and movement sensors. Yes, she can feel you touching and moving her.


We choose the most durable zipper that is easy to use, safe and almost invisible.

built-in battery

smart power

We packed this baby with enough juice to last a whole day of activities. You’ll probably run out of energy before she does.

Fravel uses the handle movement to start up or save battery.

conceivable power port

360°direction wheels

When you’re not feeding your Fravel energy, you can easily slide in the power port to hide it.

Whether you like to drag her or push her, the choice is yours.

detachable earpiece

Breathing Lights

You can easily attach and detach her ears to fit almost all airline carry on dimensions . We will have more ear styles coming soon : )

Your Fravel comes with a kind heart that you can see on the front case. The light flashes as she takes each breath with you.

be the first one to take her home!



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